Finally! A Chiller specifically designed for the laser cutting industry.

All Laser cutters generate heat during the cutting process and often require a Dual Water Circuit Chiller (2 separate Pumps to handle 2 different Cooling Water setpoints and flowrates) The degree of heating is typically controlled and managed to prevent excessive heat buildup. If not treated properly, it creates costly downtime for manufacturers.

Finding the right Process Chiller to cool this application can also be a challenge. Having Canadian Certifications also prevents issues with Canadian Standards Inspections.

Now available from stock, the new QBE-Twin Circuit Laser Chillers play a vital role in laser cutting applications by providing consistent temperature control for source and optics, ensuring stable laser output, extending equipment lifespan, minimizing downtime, and improving the overall quality of the cuts. This new Chiller series from CAG Technologies is specifically designed for the laser cutting industry.

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