Aluminum Pipe Distribution Systems and Fittings

PURESTREAM aluminum pipe is highly beneficial for compressed air treatment due to its unique properties that enhance system efficiency and longevity. Its corrosion-resistant nature is a key advantage, as it prevents the internal build-up of rust, which can contaminate compressed air and damage the equipment. This leads to cleaner air delivery, essential for many industrial processes requiring high purity standards. PURESTREAM's Aluminum's lightweight yet strong structure makes installation and modification of compressed air systems easier and more cost-effective compared to traditional materials like steel. Additionally, PURESTREAM aluminum pipe has smoother internal surfaces, reducing pressure drop and improving airflow efficiency. This results in lower energy consumption and reduces operational costs. The leak-resistant and airtight connections of aluminum piping also ensure minimal air loss, maximizing system effectiveness. These combined factors make aluminum pipe an increasingly popular choice for compressed air systems in various industries.