Why are on-site Nitrogen Generators efficient?

Generate N2 on-site

On-site nitrogen generators are efficient because they use the air that is freely available in the atmosphere to produce nitrogen gas on demand. This eliminates the need for purchasing, transporting, and storing nitrogen cylinders or liquid nitrogen, which can be costly and wasteful. On-site nitrogen generators also allow users to adjust the purity and pressure of the nitrogen gas according to their specific needs, which can improve the quality and productivity of their processes. On-site nitrogen generators can save up to 90% of the energy and emissions compared to traditional methods of nitrogen supply. On-site nitrogen generators can have a payback time of less than 12 months, making them a smart and sustainable investment.

Industries that use (but not limited to) on-site nitrogen generators:

Food & beverage: On-site nitrogen generators are used for food storage and packaging, as they can prevent spoilage and oxidation by displacing oxygen. Nitrogen is also used to fill bags with pressure to protect fragile foods like chips.

Pharmaceutical/medical: On-site nitrogen generators are used for various applications in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, such as inerting, blanketing, purging, and sterilizing. Nitrogen is also an ingredient in some medications, such as antibiotics.

Electronics: On-site nitrogen generators are used for soldering electronic components, as nitrogen can reduce the oxidation of the solder and improve the quality of the joints. Nitrogen is also used for cleaning and testing semiconductor devices.

Chemical/petrochemical: On-site nitrogen generators are used for creating inert atmospheres in chemical plants and refineries, where combustible materials or hazardous environments are present. Nitrogen is also used for purging, blanketing, and transferring flammable or volatile liquids and gases.

Laser cutting: On-site nitrogen generators are used for laser cutting of metals, as nitrogen can prevent oxidation and improve the quality and speed of the cutting process. Nitrogen is also used for cooling and cleaning the laser optics.