QBE-Twin Circuit Laser Chillers

QBE-Twin Circuit Laser Chillers

QBE-Twin Circuit Laser Chillers

The QBE laser series is specifically designed to meet the application requirements of the laser industry. This model offers precise control of the water temperatures over long operational periods for both external load points. Dual pumps with 2 separate temperature set points.

The refrigeration circuit is designed to operate precisely to maintain outlet water temperature (+/-0.5 C°) utilizing electronic hot gas bypass technology to manage hanges in thermal load on the source circuit.

The water temperature dedicated to the optics cooling is managed by a 3-way valve that guarantees a precise control of the outlet water temperature with a tolerance of ± 1 K.

QBE laser series units have been designed with the smallest footprint possible and are equipped with wheels for a easy positioning. The hydraulic connections are located below in the rear side and are equipped with shutoff valves.

The frame and the cabinet cover material is powder coated steel. All fasteners are either made of stainless steel or electro-galvanized.

The unit has been designed so that all parts, particularly those requiring maintenance and cleaning, are easy to access and assure a safe environment for the operator.

Each QBE laser unit is available in two power supplies, 400/3/50 or 460/3/60, depending on the user’s network and application requirements. A transformer can be supplied for voltages other than listed.

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