Bekomat Specialty Drains

Bekomat Specialty Drains

Bekomat Specialty Drains

Condensate formation is unavoidable. It is always a “by-product” of compressed air generation and spreads throughout the entire compressed air network. Approximately two-thirds of the condensate is produced by the after-cooler. The rest occurs anywhere in the network as the compressed air cools down. This problem is inherent in the system and can cause both damage and higher operating costs. The solution is a condensate drainage system adapted to the actual amount produced. This will cut costs and prevent damage. BEKOMAT® condensate drains–designed for the electronically level-controlled discharge of the condensate in compressed air networks– function without unnecessary loss of compressed air and with minimal energy input. Our customers are clearly convinced by the high economic efficiency and reliability of the device: there are now more than 1,500,000 BEKOMAT® units installed worldwide.

BEKOMAT® Specialty drains are also available in explosion proof, stainless steel, low-pressure and vacuum system versions. Bekomat drains have become the industrial standard because of its high reliability and particularly because it offers energy-saving payback operation without loss of compressed air. There are a number of very good technical reasons for this:

Compared with float drains, BEKOMAT® has decisive advantages, especially since it:

  • functions unaffected by dirt, resulting in reliable operation
  • is equipped with an alarm signal
  • requires very little maintenance
  • has large cross-sections to prevent emulsification

BEKOMAT® also has decisive advantages over solenoid valves, especially since it:

  • operated in accordance with the actual condensate quantity
  • avoids unnecessary loss of compressed air
  • is equipped with a fault signal
  • has large cross-section value to prevent emulsification

Please contact us and one of our specialists will gladly assist you in sizing the appropriate BEKOMAT solution for your special requirements.